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Interactive quiz
How Ready Are You for University?
Have you packed the right supplies for your first day? Do you know how to navigate your campus? Let's find out how prepared you are for university!

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Get into the right headspace
From thinking more independently to managing the unexpected, it’s important to mentally prepare for this new chapter in your life.

Get your supplies
Stationery, directions, snacks – make sure you have everything you need to start your university experience on the right foot.

Embrace student-friendly technology
When it comes to excelling at uni, technology is your best friend. Download these student-friendly apps to reach new heights of success!

Familiarise yourself with your campus
Want to avoid getting lost on your first day? Grab a campus map and visit your university in person to get a feel for its layout.

Enjoy O-Week
Held the week before courses begin, O-Week is an awesome way to learn about your uni and make new friends. You won’t want to miss out!

Prepare for your first day
Your first day is just around the corner! Pack your supplies in your bag and review this handy checklist to know exactly what you should expect.