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6 Ways to Relieve Stress in Melbourne

There’s definitely a reason why Melbourne has been ranked as Australia’s most liveable city by Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) Global Liveability Index for 2022. Living in Melbourne provides you with an extensive range of food options, adventure activities and natural wonders. If you find yourself busy with your studies and/or work, you might be looking for some relaxing things to do in Melbourne. Read on to discover our top ways to relieve stress in Melbourne.

Explore the city at night with friends 

A good evening with friends can go a long way in helping you de-stress. Not to mention, you’ll no doubt create some great memories, too! Melbourne is filled with plenty of fun places where you can enjoy yourself with your mates and let off some steam.

For example, you and a group of friends can go bowling at Strike Bowling, which is open every day of the week and serves up delicious food. Alternatively, maybe head to Holey Moley to play mini putt. This is a perfect activity for students who are on a budget but still want to have a great evening with friends. Another unique option is playing electronic darts at Oche. The best thing about this place is that you don’t need any experience! Sit in a semi-private booth with your mates, play hard, eat delicious food and relax! 

Lounge in the Royal Botanic Gardens

Living in Melbourne can be quite a roller coaster ride, so sometimes you need something that will help you slow down. A visit to the Royal Botanic Gardens can help you do exactly that. Reconnect with nature by enjoying this expansive green oasis in the heart of Melbourne. The gardens house over 8,500 species of plants from around the globe, including roses, cacti and succulents. Grab a blanket, a few snacks and a good book before heading out and finding a spot in the grass. 

Experience more peace with aerial yoga

Yoga is easily one of the most relaxing things to do in Melbourne, known for its relaxing properties, including stress reduction, improved focus and balanced emotions. But why not try yoga with a twist? Book a session at Little Mandarin Yoga & Pilates to get a bit of exercise and release all the happy hormones that will help you relax. While there are traditional yoga and pilates classes on the roster, you can also defy gravity with aerial yoga! The studio is located in the heart of Melbourne CBD, making it quite accessible for students living in various suburbs. Single class passes are available or you can try any of the studio’s affordable intro offers for beginners. 

Do some guilt-free breaking

While this isn’t a traditionally “relaxing” activity, it’s still an awesome way to blow off some steam. Head to The Break Room and let out your frustrations by breaking items in a guilt-free setting. Located in Collingwood, this venue provides you with a baseball bat and heaps of breakables. You get to be extremely safe while fulfilling your mission to release all your stress. Plus, you even get to have music turned on while you smash away, so you can pick your jam! The moment you step out, you’re sure to feel calmer, happier…and maybe a little crazier! 

Soak up the sun on the beach

When it comes to relaxing things to do in Melbourne, nothing beats a visit to any one of the city’s iconic beaches. Warm sunshine, crisp ocean water, the sound of crashing waves – what more could you ask for? Whether you spend the day lounging in the sand or you go for a sunset walk, a beach day is an amazing backdrop for a day of relaxation. St. Kilda, Port Melbourne and Middle Park are some of the most popular beaches in the city. You’ll also find many food outlets around each of these beaches that you can explore before you head home. Remember to pack sunscreen if you’re going on a bright day!

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Treat yourself to a spa day

A good spa day can help in reducing stress and improving relaxation. Whether you’re hoping to splurge or enjoy a more affordable experience, there are options in Melbourne to suit you. 

Sakura Lounge is a Japanese-inspired spa located in the heart of Melbourne CBD that offers a great range of services. It is known as one of the best spas in the city with relatively affordable pricing. Here, you can get a range of massages for less than $100 – perfect if you’re looking for a luxurious treat or celebrating a special occasion!

Alternatively, opt for some me-time by pampering yourself from the comfort of your own home. Just imagine lighting a few scented candles and putting on a soothing sheet mask while relaxing music plays in the background (or maybe Netflix, if that’s your preference!). Affordable and rejuvenating, this is an ideal way to unwind while sticking to your student budget.

Image courtesy of Visit Victoria Content Hub.